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Our volunteers

There are currently 30 volunteers that help support the curator in the day to day running of the museum.

Meet the team


I started volunteering at the Museum in 2005/6. I enjoy the work as I meet a lot of different people; many with different stories of their links with the police service – as a police officer or member of staff, through assisting them in some way, occasionally as the result of being  a victim of crime and few that shall we say have had ‘professional experience’ of the criminal justice process. But they all add to the pleasure of working here.

My current job is leading the team of volunteers responsible for guiding parties around the Museum. We try to put the history in context perhaps telling tales about those who lived and worked at Headquarters, how policing in Essex started and the changes that have occurred along the way.

My favourite object? Possibly the cell door as you are actually touching history, and the stories it could tell, and it portrays what we want from a police service – firmness and reliability.


MartinI’m Martin Stallion. I’ve been a volunteer since 2012 and I joined because I’ve been a researcher on police history for many years.

I mostly work in the office on our archives and other records. I also organize our displays at outside events such as school fetes.

My favourite object in the is the Colchester police helmet badge.

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